Artist / Illustrator Montevideo, Uruguay

☆ C̴e̴c̴i̴ ̴n̴'̴e̴s̴t̴ ̴p̴a̴s̴ ̴u̴n̴e̴ ̴C̴e̴c̴i̴, I’m a maker ☆

Hi!, I’m Cecilia a.k.a Une Ceci
I’m an artist based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

I'm passioned about design, art, illustration and writing.

I'm trying new ways to apply my work in art, illustration and photography on other formats, experimenting with prints on different supports.

You can check out some of my stuff here Society6 and here LiveHeroes

You can say Hi! to me here:


University of the Republic

Bachelor of Drawing and Painting

I attended the Anhelo Hernández Pedagogical Aesthetic Workshop at the Faculty of Arts of the University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay.

I learned drawing, painting, the use of the Golden measure, the guidelines of academic painting as the use of color and proportions.

ORT University

Technical Career in Graphic Design

Aquelarre Photography Workshop

Basic Photography Course


Painting Drawing Design Photography Writing Poetry Creative writing